There are high chances that Trenavol is among the list of prohormones that you’re considering to cycle with to realize your strength, mass, and size gain goals. It is an extremely strong and powerful steroid which is said to be five times more anabolic and androgenic compared to testosterone. It is known for its ability to boost strength and increase muscle mass rapidly. It is a fast-acting steroid and is thus loved by the bodybuilders.


Chemical name: estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione

Other names: Tren Elite, Super Trenabol, Trenabol, and T-Var 15.


This compound is so powerful that it is often described in bodybuilding forums as “the steroid of choice to the gods” for its “transformational” benefits to the body.


This prohormone works so rapidly that most of its users reported witnessing results within 7-10 days of its use.  However, Trenavol can reduce your stamina due to which you might be unable to carry out cardio exercises for as long as you otherwise can.


Although Trenavol is said to be a unique prohormone, it has a lot of similarities with an injectable steroid known as Trenbolone which is also quite successful in the bodybuilding world.


Interestingly, Trenavol and Trenbolone – also known as “Tren” – are so alike that cycling with this prohormone will actually lead to the stimulation of the naturally active trenbolone in the body, leading to greater vascularity, faster loss of fat as well as a considerable boost in size and strength. As soon as the compound of Trenavar combines with hydrogen inside the system, its conversion into Trenbolone takes place.


Besides the above-mentioned benefits, bodybuilders also go for Trenavol for its convenience in terms of dosing. Come to think of it, why go through the hassle of injecting when you can virtually take the same stuff orally? Trenavol can be used as a standalone prohormone or as part of a stack.


This prohormone is the only proven compound that gets converted into Trenbolone when metabolized by the body. Now while there are a number of Trenavar “clones” that you can go for, know that these actually convert into Dienolone, which is much weaker in comparison.


Trenavol is quite versatile and is commonly used by bodybuilders during contest prep as well as offseason. Many experienced users of this prohormone report that this compound has the ability not just to retain, but also pack on extra mass during these times when combined with a low-calorie diet.


Additionally, Trenavol doesn’t convert into estrogen and won’t trigger any estrogenic side effects when cycled. However, it is still crucial to get a proper post cycle therapy (PCT) after cycling with this prohormone to stave off any adverse side effects.




We have listed down all the proven benefits of Trenavol that you’re going to get if you’re planning to integrate this powerful prohormone in your bodybuilding arsenal:

  • This anabolic steroid is mostly used for cutting purposes. So you know can expect that it will cut up all the bulk that you’ve achieved. It sheds your body fat rapidly and helps you achieve your cutting goals in very little time.
  • It leads to considerable increases in strength. This is a great benefit if you’re trying to train hard.
  • One of the greatest benefits of this anabolic steroid, which gives it an edge on other steroids, is that it does not have any estrogenic effects. Note here that estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for the development of female secondary sexual characteristics and can thus lead to gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men). In addition, high estrogen level in the body can cause problems like darkening of the skin, loss of scalp hair, freckles, breast pain, water retention, bloat, and in more severe cases, prostate cancer and heart disease. As Trenavol does not have any estrogenic effects, it will keep you safe from all the above-mentioned issues. So you can work on your size and mass gains without worrying about developing women-like breasts.
  • It significantly increases the size and muscle mass giving your muscles more definition and a much fuller look.
  • One of the major determinants of your overall score is vascularity. Superior vascularity increases your chances of success in a competition.  This prohormone significantly improves your vascularity. By eliminating excess body fat, increasing blood flow, and building more muscles, it widens your blood vessels and makes them more visible.


You must have already fallen in love with Trenavol after reading the above-mentioned benefits but you need to know that it has several side effects as well. Although none of them is very serious but it is always better to be cautious.

Trenavol - Prohormone to Trenbolone

  • As a dietary supplement, take one capsule per day. For faster results, up to 2 capsules a day can be taken as a maximum dose.